Here I am. Seating at my desk, typing a blog post in a room in Brisbane, Australia. If you’ve read the ABOUT ME page – until the end – you might know that I’m Brazilian and may be wondering what I’m doing here. I could start telling you about my childhood and how much I’ve always wanted to see the world. I also could include my university years, my work experience and so on, but I won’t torture you.

Long story short, I wanted to improve my English as many other non-native English speakers around the world. Unlike most English students, I haven’t done language lessons for pretty much all my school years. I’ve learned here and there, studying a bit, listen to music, watching heaps of movies, reading and, most importantly, working on a cruise ship where the main language was English – all that can be deeply analyzed in a different post. After the latter of the experiences, I came to realize that I should go back to the classroom and look at English a little closer, as a language rather than as a tool – I do believe that it is a bit of both, though, but I wanted to put things together.

Having googled Australia and found fantastic things about the country, I packed my belongings and came to Down Under. My mom, who retired last year and had never gone out of Brazil, saw an opportunity to explore the world and came with me and stayed for a couple of weeks.

The first six months were, LITERALLY, dedicated to English – I have this tendency to focus 100% on what I’m doing, mostly if it is related to work or study (not entirely certain if it is a sign of strength), but I could still fell in love with Brisbane as the days went by. I’m a little bit of a city girl. I was born in São Paulo and I grew up surrounded by all the hustle and bustle, so I must confess that I miss the metropolis kind of vibe at times. However, I absolutely adore the fact that 20 to 3o min drive is considered far here, whereas at home it’s like next door. Brisbane is a lovely city with heaps of outdoor activities going on and the perfect weather – the sun always shines here and that makes me forget about the vibrant turbulence of my grey-skied city.

The river used to transport commuters own a daily basis is another thing that amazes me. Some people, including locals, complain about its brown waters, but I personally love it. Nothing wrong with brown – great color – and I find it extraordinary that folks do use ferries as a way to go to work and go back home every single day. I strongly recommend catching the ferry near sunset if you’re around.  The view is great and there are free ferries running seven days a week.

I think I’ve gone off on a tangent here -as usual – but I’ll be sharing more about my experiences here in Brisbane as the days go by. Stay tuned and let me know what you like the most about Brissie or about your city!


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