It might not be a major breakthrough for you. You may be used to buying relatively cheap shoes, but it’s quite new to me. I’ve got sensitive feet and –  let’s not pretend – I am picky. Back home, in general, affordable shoes are either uncomfortable or not good to look at – based on my personal taste.

When I came to Brisbane, one of the first places I went to was Kmart. I was with my mom and we were looking for cutlery and crockery for my house. We stayed focused at first, but Kmart is that kind of store full of those items you don’t need to buy until you get there and start feeling that everything you see is essential and you suddenly don’t know how you’ve lived without them. We ended up leaving the store with clothes for half of our family members, plates, pans, pots, containers and egg rings – who doesn’t need them?.

A month or so later, I broke one of the plates we bought, which gave me the perfect excuse to hop on a bus and head to Kmart, fearing the catastrophe this decision could cause to my bank account.  I could resist the temptation for quite a long time. However, when I was already on my way to check out, I walk past the shoe session and they call me. Sandals with perfect heels, neutral colors and great price. Yes, I brought several pairs of shoes in my suitcase. No, I did not need them, but, come on, A$17.00 for shoes I would use the whole summer and that’s not all, they’re also perfect for pairing with smart and casual outfits.  Ok, just the black one would do, but, thinking ahead of time and taking my colorful wardrobe into consideration, I ended up buying the black and beige version of the sandals. Irresistible.

Take a look at them and tell me if they are not extremely versatile!

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