It wasn’t until I was on holidays that I went to Gold Coast. Yes, I know, it’s super simple to get there and folks often go as soon as they arrive in Brisbane. Yet, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a tendency to be a little extra when it comes to committing to my duties and I couldn’t pick a day to catch a train and relax at my happy place – the beach.

Whilst on holidays, I met a lovely Thai-German girl who was about to leave Brisbane and, unlike me, willing to skip her English class to enjoy a sunny day by the ocean (she is much more fun than I am, isn’t she?).

I wish I could give you a bunch of tips about off the beaten track places to go on the coast, but, to be honest, we didn’t do much. We wanted to lay down on the beach and chill. However, she had this brilliant idea of going to an observation deck and it was, without doubt, a standout – not saying that vegging out by the sea is not good enough, though.

The SkyPoint is on the 77th level of a building in Surfers Paradise and has great 360 degree views. There are lots of things to do up there. They’ve got a bistro/bar,  if you fancy some snacks or perhaps a full meal. If you’re more adventurous, you can even go climbing – I pass that. Or, if you’re like us and feel satisfied with just being amused by the views,  no worries you’re definitely going to have a blast as well.

I found myself nearly kissing the glass at times and the signs with the distance to other countries overseas caught my attention, mainly the one pointing to Vancouver. It got me thinking about the differences and similarities between the city I visited seven years ago and the one I’m currently living in and the differences and similarities between the person I was back then and the one I’m now. I highly recommend a visit. For the views, for the pictures and for the reflections on life.


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