Well, it feels like answering the awkward but frequently asked “tell me a little bit about yourself’’ question in a job interview. Actually, it is not really a question, is it? I always wonder what on Earth they want to listen to. Once, when I had to answer this not-a-question question I listed all my skills, my qualification, my work experience and, to wrap up, my personal qualities (just like I had read on a website that promised to help us all to succeed in any interview we go to; it was not my idea). I did get the job. So, it worked. However, I am still not entirely sure about how to approach this topic.

In real life, we never list our skills and qualities to a person we’ve just met. Perhaps, you do. All my respect. But I don’t.  I do understand that an interview is meant to happen in a short period of time, which justifies weird questions. HR specialists and psychologists might have a scientific explanation for the importance of having someone describing themselves.  Body language may be involved in all the analysis, as well as voice tone and whatnot. Yet, not even the most honest person in the world would be 100% sincere in answering this one-million-dollar question and, truth be told, it takes years and years to GET to know someone and maybe reincarnation after reincarnation to truly know yourself – yep, one fact about me: I DO believe in the afterlife and so on. Then, why do we expect to know someone through a couple of words either spoken or written?

No! Do not leave this page disappointed. I am new to this technological word, but I guess there may be a way of finding out how many people left the page in less than 30 seconds. I know you want to know who I am, and I’ll get there.

We can start with my name. It is Camila. Great to meet you. Am I meeting you? Not sure, but manners are important. To keep going on the fill-the-form sort of information: I’ve been living as this version of myself for 26 years now.  I have my old-lady kind of days. I find Netflix and chill much more appealing than a nightclub. And I also have my 5yo kind of days, mostly when I am in the company of 5yo children. I am Brazilian – trying not to go off on a tangent here and stick to the personal info I would type on a form. Currently living in Australia. What’s next? Address and phone number are confidential, skip that. We don’t want my ID or passport number here as well. We’re done with the form, aren’t we?

I might have written all that because I have nothing super interesting to say about myself. Or I might be withholding the most interesting things because I want them to be covered in blog posts. Either way, I would love to have you with me on this journey. As you can tell by the blog’s name, I’m writing (or typing) and sharing FOR A DARE. A challenge I set for myself. I have a love for writing, traveling, meeting people from different walks of life and last, but by no means least, a love of fashion.  I thought a blog would be great to share my experiences as well as a therapeutical way of dealing with distance. You can expect tests as confusing as the one you’re reading now and as simple as the “shoes for a bargain” type. Most of us don’t fit in boxes and I can be the simple and the complex sort of person within 24 hours – just like you.

I am writing in both English AND  Portuguese.  Feel free to check the Portuguese version of the blog, if you want to give it a try. I hope it doesn’t get too much for my poor already confused brain and that you enjoy reading my odd compilation of words the same way I enjoy writing them. I guess that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a picture of someone who knows much more about me and who would probably do a better job creating this description.